What we do


Our flag product – Q5 ERP – Tailored for small and medium companies, yet powerfull , Q5 provides a lot of valuable info More Details…


Qubservice is a Field Service Management online software More details…

Web development

We develop software from the scratch, starting from our clients requests .


You chose the theme, we build the website . We are offering all-in-one services: domain , website and mail hosting .

Clear Concept Multisoftware

We are a web baseed software development company that provides cutting edge engineering solutions. For years, we’ve been working as a software innovation partner to various companies. Software products that we build help our customers transform their businesses, increase their revenues and save a lot of the time and operating costs.

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Welcome to CCMS

The software and hardware implementations are designed to optimize each company specific workflow. We analyze and develop these goals potential . Our company operates in the field of TCP / IP communication technologies and web-oriented applications for professional environments.

We are looking to bring to each client the optimal solutions in organizing the IT infrastructure and implementing some applications to track and optimize productive-functional flows in institutions or companies.




Prior to any project, we discuss with customers to understand their needs precisely. We are trying to encompass all the scenarios in which they will use the applications we develop.

Ultra Responsive

Ultra Responsive

Internet access via mobile devices (tablets, phones) becomes preponderant. That is why we are developing the applications on the principles of “Mobile first”.



We have skills in HTML5, PHP, Mysql / MariaDB, CSS, Javascript, Jquery. For the purpose of unitary development, our team uses GIT SVN

Maintenance and support

Maintenance and support

We are constantly improving our products and are pleased to offer our customers access to the latest features. In the same time, we are concerned about the impact on the user and we pay close attention to their comments.


First Linux Server


First multiuser web software


First Gymnastic scoring system


First Cubic Suite implementation


First Qubicor 5 ERP


First Qubiservice running

We launched Q5 ERP


Q5 ERP is a business management solution for small and medium businesses that aims to automate workflows, cost savings and unitary control of their entire business. The system developed entirely by CCMS has features that are characteristic of ERP systems and presents itself as a true dashboard of the enterprise’s activities. Q5 ERP can be used in business models that include direct sales, retail, purchases, stocks, online stores, and more.

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Linux Servers

Since 2002 we have started installing and managing servers in Linux operating systems. Over the years, we have successfully deployed mail, web, DNS, proxy servers, databases and fireballs (iptables).

– installation, configuration and management of Linux operating systems
– installation, configuration and management of mail servers
– installation, configuration and management of webservers
– installation, configuration and management of database engines
– installation, configuration and management of DNS servers
– installation, configuration and management of proxy servers
– configuration of Linux firewall
– data migrations

Network admin

We have specialists in solving everyday problems that can occur in a computer network. They could solve the issuses in a time effective manner either by remote methods or reaching customer site

– installation, configuration and management of Linux or Windows workstations
– virus cleaning
– data migrations
– helpdesk

Why us ?

Our team consists of professionals with at least ten years experience in all areas where we have competent

We always keep our promises, whether it’s punctual delivery times or long-term goals that we share with our partners.

We always look for the best solutions, we wish our clients to be happy , we evolve with them.